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Rub Out Single Pack Towelettes
Rub Out Single Pack Towelettes
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Part No: 1461

Salisbury’s Rub-Out Towelettes work fast to loosen, dissolve, and absorb dirt and grease.

Powerful, yet safe, cleaning agents work together with an absorbent, nonscratching abrasive cleaning towel. The result is hands that are clean, with a pleasant fragrance. And after cleaning your hands there is enough absorbency to clean your tools and other surfaces with the same towel. These shop size durable towels quickly remove tough-to-clean substances including lubricants, tar, oils, wax, caulk and much more. Put Salisbury degreasing strength to work for you.

Includes 100 Single Individually wrapped towelettes.

Item is a special order item only. Please allow extra time for delivery.