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Daily Inspection Glove Roll Up Tool
Daily Inspection Glove Roll Up Tool
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Part No: GRT500

Daily Inspection Glove Roll Up Tool.
Keep up with daily glove inspections
with this easy to use tool.

Expansion with this roll up tool stretches the rubber making defects and abrasions easier to detect. Simply place one glove in between the two prongs of the roll up tool and roll. While the glove is expanded, listen for escaping air - a telltale sign of possible holes. Repeat this procedure with the glove turned inside out; listening for any escaping air or any visual defects.

This lightweight, compact tool can easily be carried to an onsite location or simply stored in a safe compartment were it can be readily available. View ASTM F1236 for more information regarding daily and on spot inflation procedures.

Please note that the recommended daily inspection is not the same as the required Electrical Testing as described in ASTM F496. This inspection usually requires a testing laboratory - contact us today for testing in our NAIL accredited Testing Laboratory!